Evil on Earth: Satanism: The History and Movement of Satanism

Frightening news media are of some concern:

  • Three young people aged 14, 17 and 18 voluntarily jump from the top of the bridge Göttzschal the highest brick bridge in the world, in the Vogtland in Germany. You can read their letter of farewell, satanic symbols.
  • Detailed articles in the press, tell the bestial murder perpetrated by a couple "Satanic" towards a man of knowledge.
  • These are just two examples among a growing number of "trivia" that occur among the members of the group of Satanists . They are now brought to the attention of the general public. In our world "Cartesian", yet nobody seems willing to believe in the existence of the Devil . However, it is clear that Satanism is incredibly popular, especially among young people.

2 Historical Context

Satan head
1. Brite The Englishman Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) is considered the "father of modern Satanism." He was born into a family that was part of an Evangelical Pietist milieu (note: "Plymouth Brethren" called "darbystes") in England. Very early on he refused to share the faith of their parents (note: his father's name was Edward Crowley), and behaved in a manner clearly anti-Christian. Soon as he joined an occult group, where he was accepted as the "Brother Perdurabo."

Note: The name change is a tactic Satanists to make it more difficult for parents looking for a child who has fallen into Satanism.

Crowley's philosophy is characteristic of the modern cult rendered to Satan :

Radical rejection of Christianity
Priority given to me.
The use of magic to satisfy its own needs (including on a sexual level).
Crowley worshiped as a god his ego even more than Satan. The old trick of Satan "You will be like God! "[Word addressed to Eve in Genesis 3:5, the Garden of Eden] is evident in his case. Crowley considered himself the incarnation of Satan and called himself "The Great Beast - 666".

2. The first formation of a concrete movement, the Church of Satan, is due to an American, Anton S. LaVey (b. 1930).

LaVey knew in his youth, deep disappointment in Christian churches. While working as a laborer in the Committee which organized the carnival, he found the people guilty of the same behavior he found the Sunday church service. He came to the conclusion that as Christianity urged people to become hypocrites. He then left his church and turned to Satan worshipers.

Later he wrote the Declaration of Faith of Satanism (that we avoid voluntarily transcribing). It is on this basis that different groups have developed modern Satanism.

The three different groups of Satanism

Experts distinguish between different groups of Satanists. For reasons of clarity, I would confine myself here to two main groups:

3.1 The Neo-Satanism occult

Note: Occultism = Doctrine extrasensory, what is hidden by nature.

Under this name we group all the churches of Satan worshipers organized and Devil were developed from sources already mentioned. They worship Satan and practicing satanic rituals.

Often the members of these groups are not identifiable as "Satanists" in their private lives normal (secret societies and not distinctive). The main regions where they grow mainly are USA, South Africa, and increasingly, Europe.

3.2 The Satanism syncretic young

Note: Syncretism = Combination of doctrines and religions not consistent.

This term covers virtually a Satanism "homemade", a wide mix of magic and occult practices the most varied. It is essentially a place as an alternative among youth.

Entry into these circles can be done either through "tests-tests" with conventional methods: the evocation of spirits (moving glasses, clock) or a protest against society "right-thinking "or by stuffing some types of music, such as the Black or Heavy Metal.

4 How do we fall into the trap of Satan?

What drives a young person to engage in Satanism? There are several reasons:

4.1 A commitment to live according to their own desires

Satanism appears to many as the opportunity offered to them to achieve in the short term, the total satisfaction of his own desires. All taboos fall: it is above all the case in the field of sexuality.

Sentence back in the mouth Satanists "Satan gives me everything." In my youth, some sang, "I sold my soul to the devil, my power is great" (translator's note).

What mortal illusion! The Lord Jesus refers to Satan as "a murderer from the beginning" and "a liar" (John 8: 44). Finally, Satan does nothing, it only takes.

4.2 A curiosity (unhealthy)

Young people who are predisposed to satanic belief have often started with "gorging" of literature, music, movies or games hidden . They tried to practice magic rituals curiosity, but not without consequences.

It is not necessary to obtain the products concerned "black market" They are put on public sale. Even the youngest, there are comics with titles like "Witch" (witch) who openly incites the practice of magical rites.

4.3 The search for "security"

Children and young people from families is completely dislocated or otherwise wealthy families but they feel completely abandoned, are particular target by Satanism. By this means they come in contact with a dark circle of friends. They feel secure and best known, although at first they do not include all the rites practiced. Basically, they are, or rather feel, experience worship that gives them both power and security.

4.4 The search for identity

This point is closely connected to the previous. Anyone who does not feel safe, may eventually his abilities and personal worth. Many Satanists beginners make an identity crisis. Because of their inability to build their lives, they confide in "superior forces".

This link between the occult and the search for identity is particularly striking in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet world, satanic cults have grown rapidly.

We do not want to forget one important point: the identity crisis of modern man as the result of a crisis of the Christian faith. The explosive growth of the occult is also a kind of protest against Christianity frozen, which is more than a form, without a living relationship with Christ.

4.5 The adventurous

Thrills and excitement are elements that have invaded our consumer society. No movies without murder or without horror, not to mention the extreme sports which provide palpitations during leisure time. What else is there to do when nothing excites? There is still the thrill of horror and the unpredictability of the occult.

5 tempters have several masks

What are the strategies used by Satan in Europe this "post-Christian? "The real culprits for the rapid dissemination of ideology are much less satanic groups that openly call of Satan that the ubiquity of the occult in many cultural fields, such as film, literature or music.

Still more films occult content. Periodicals for young people, such as "Bravo", "Bravo Girl", etc.. also play a significant role in the dissemination of ideas satanic. Periodical had already in 1986, no less than 13 occult practices.

A short excerpt from an article "Bravo" will be enough to show how young people come into contact with the occult: "How to get your message of Beyond - by turning the tables," or "The clock says truth "or" Crash Course to learn the meanings of the cards. "

Since the 60s, occult and satanic culture is an integral part of music known as "modern rock." It is particularly developed in the genres "Hardrock" and "Heavy Metal". The names of some groups of this type are talking: "Black Sabbath" (Black Sabbath) - "Living Death" (Death alive) - "Slayer" (murderer) - "Demon Eyes" (Demon's Eye).

Among the methods of seduction most effective among young people, there are role-playing games where one has to get into the skin of characters with magical powers, such as "Fantasy" . That it seeks to present these role plays innocent as an occupation for leisure time is even more dangerous.

The American Gary Gygax, one of the fathers of these role-playing games (Fantasy) written in a handbook of games: "The formulas of spells and magic are essential elements that constitute a game

These forms must be pronounced aloud. S contacts with the satanic powers often start these role plays as "Fantasy", which are not as innocent as they say.

We can only recommend "Give this game" rather than continue to play with fire!

Among the highlights of ritual Satanist, LaVey mentions five days of celebration as key calendar dates satanic

Own the birthday of every Satanist
The beginning of spring or Walpurgis Night (30 April - 1 May)
The beginning of the fall or Halloween (or Samhain) (29-31 October)
The summer solstice (June 21)
The winter solstice (December 21)
It is noteworthy that two of these holidays based on legends (Halloween and Walpurgis) are long accepted by society. The trend is to trivialize the satanic culture.

Editor's note: Other holidays for witchcraft and Satanism: The spring equinox (21 March), autumnal equinox (September 21), Candlemas / Imbolg (February 1 and 2), Lughnasadh / Lammas (1st August )

6 When the pleasure leads to bitter consequences

The consequences of these contacts with Satanism are different and depend on the intensity ties with the occult field. The most common result of these contacts with Satanism are:

6.1 The social isolation

Who goes in search of safety and falls into the clutches of Satan, is relegated to an ever greater isolation of its citizens. In Satanism there is no communion. No weakness, no love, no relationships are allowed: the human being becomes isolated, unable to communicate, disturbed in his behavior.

6.2 Disturbances psychic and bodily

All victims talk about feelings of fear, nightmares, etc. frightening visions. Those who have been abused during ritual ceremonies are those psychological effects and often even more serious harm. One of the most serious modern phenomena of Satanism, it is psychological abuse, physical and sexual abuse which are exercised during satanic rituals.

6.3 Connections and occult possession

In this stage, it is human beings that are linked hopeless, unable to free themselves from the power of the forces that control them.

The only hope is in Jesus Christ. Alone can break the power of demons. Such a person absolutely need the Lord, because in the eyes of a Satanist there is no possibility to leave the satanic sphere. So a greater power to act.

But only a consistent attitude is imperative: He who had contacts with media and Satanic who repents must immediately destroy any objects in relationship with Satanism costs. In Acts (19:19) we read: "Many also of those who had engaged in occult practices, brought their books together and burned them before all, and they supputèrent price, and they found it amounted fifty thousand pieces of silver. "

A complete change of life is also advisable to make contact with other Satanists impossible. This may seem exaggerated or excessive caution, but a direct conflict with Satan is anything but child's play.

Many examples are there to prove it. Satanists do not accept a resignation without comment. This can go as far as death threats, even to attempted murder. Only he who rejects any compromise with these things can be safe.

7 Biblical Realism

For modern man Cartesian (and even man "Christianized") Satan is at most a historical notion. Only "ignorant" of the Middle Ages believed in! However, this frightening reality has long since overtaken the modern man.

A believer knows that he must have a very realistic way with the tricks and the power of the enemy of God.

However, Satan is not a "power-cons" that could jeopardize the sovereignty and power of God. It is a creature who rebelled against his Creator.

In connection with this issue, we read these words in connection with the coming of the Lord: "He that committeth sin is of the devil, because from the beginning the devil has sinned." It is for this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. "(1 John 3:8-10). It is precisely when we recognize the reality and danger of Satanism, but the truth of the victory of the Lord Jesus over Satan takes all its importance.

This is a danger for believers also: They can be almost paralyzed with fear, as the effects of Satanism and the occult impress them. But we firmly hold that believers are the stronger side, the winner of Golgotha. A close and personal communion with our Lord preserve us from dark powers.

For those who exceeded the limits set by Scripture, there is a great resource Jesus Christ delivers people from the slavery of evil. The way to be freed from the slavery of Satan Password:

a full confession of his guilt (not to mention the lack of being contacted spheres occult).
by refusing to submit to Satan.
Then shalt TU experience that "if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. "(John 8:36). The story of this issue can be read in the Gospel of Mark (5:1-20).

The old hymn of the Reformation is perhaps not new or modern, but Martin Luther was right:

It is a mighty fortress is our God,
An invincible armor
Our deliverance anywhere,
Our sure defense.
The enemy against us
Redoubled wrath;
Futile anger!
What could the opponent?
The Lord turns his blows.

The demons forge irons
To overwhelm the Church;
Sion your brave hell,
Your sitting on rock.
Constant effort,
In vain, with death
Satan conspire:
To ruin his empire,
Just a word of God strong.
You can have more details in "Satanismus, Antireligiöser Protest oder Dämonische Verstrickung" by Johannes Reimer, Logos Edition.
8 Warning Signs among young people may be in contact with satanic or occult circles

The following signs may attract attention:

Contempt of Christianity.
A keen interest in movies occult, magic books, some role playing implementing magical powers, specific objects (candles, knives, tarot cards, horoscope), occult signs (star-shaped pentagon, the number 666).
They gorge themselves on music "Heavy Metal" or equivalent.
They speak to or are able to pronounce sentences backwards.
Their nails are abnormally long, lacquered black.
They wear clothes "unusual" black.
They have an "altar" in their room.
They distance themselves from their families.
Behavior changes (persecution complex, fears, nightmares).
They have in their possession AS LaVey Satanic Bible.
(After Joe Allbright: Exposing Satanism, Foot-notes).

9 Some Biblical quotations:

Deut. 6:10 p.m.;
Not found among you anyone who looks for omens, who have recourse to occult techniques or sorcery ... the LORD thy God will not allow it.
Matt. 4:10;
The devil .. said: I will give you all these things, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Jesus said to him: Begone, Satan! For it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and serve him only. Then the devil left him.
Matt. 25:41;
The king will say to those on his left, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels.
Apoc. 21:8;
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers (witches), and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second dead.
Heb. 2:14;
the death [of Christ], he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil, and deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage .
Eph. 6:10;
Put on the whole armor of God, to be able to stand against the wiles of the devil
Jacq. 4:6-7.
Submit yourselves therefore to God Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
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